Must Do

Must do in Guadalajara

  1. Visit the historic center
  2. Try the “Torta Ahogada”
  3. Quench your thirst with a “Tejuino”
  4. Try the Mexican crème brulé “La Jericalla”
  5. Eat “Carne en su Jugo”
  6. Party all night long in Av. Chapultepec
  7. Riding a bike on a Sunday morning along the Vía Recreactiva
  8. Do a Cantinas tour
  9. Visit the largest zoo in Latin America
  10. Buy handicrafts and walk the streets of Tlaquepaque
  11. Go to a Wrestling show
  12. Visit the magical town of Tequila and its agave landscape
  13. Stroll along the boardwalk of the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala
  14. Eat a typical and traditional “Birria”
  15. Drink a “cantarito” cocktail
  16. Walk the streets of Ajijic
  17. Visit the Cabañas Museum
  18. Take a tour through its museums
  19. Shopping at San Juan de Dios market
  20. Attend a show at the Degollado Theater
  21. Attend a Chivas or Atlas soccer game
  22. Listen to the mariachi in “El Parián”
  23. Have a coffee in the main street of Zapopan
  24. Stroll around Colonia Americana
  25. Eat street tacos in the Santa Tere neighborhood
  26. Take a walk through the Colomos park
  27. Try the famous croissant “Alfredo” 
  28. Visit the Basilica of Zapopan
  29. If you are into hiking/trekking, go to “La Barranca de Huentitán” (It is recommended to have a good condition and do it early)


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Guadalajara, México