Art Crawl

Whether you’re an art collector or just an art lover, this VIP tour takes you off the beaten
path and behind the scenes of Guadalajara’s art community!
On this one-of-a-kind tour, you’ll accompany an art consultant/historian to see some really spectacular art, meet
local emerging and established artists in their studios.

Exclusive Mexican Cooking Class

Mexico is its traditions, its colors, its flavors. Delve into the secrets of one of the
gastronomies named Intangible Heritage of Humanity in a class guided by two
expert local chefs.

Architecture & Beer

If you are a beer lover, you are into architecture and you know how to appreciate good cuisine, you will love this experience.

Visit one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Guadalajara, (the American neighborhood), and learn the history from the architectural vision. Later on, you visit a beer factory, learn about the brewing processes while tasting the different styles that this beer house offers you. 

With the excellent atmosphere offered by this place in its restaurant – bar, the night is about to begin!

Tequila Camina GDL

Tequila: Gourmet Tasting and Agave Fields

To know and understand tequila you have to connect with the origin. Visit the
agave fields to learn more about the life of a day laborer and experience a
gourmet tasting.

Guachimontones, a unique site!

World Heritage Site, Guachimontones is a unique archaeological site located just one hour from the big city.
We will visit a prehispanic art workshop where you can make your crafts like a true local.
Finally we prepared as surprise for you, we will taste the exquisite mexican dishes that our ancestors inherited from us and that define us culturally.

Chapala & Ajijic

Visit the largest lake in Mexico, learn about the history of this town, tour it’s craft
market and enjoy a good meal with a beautiful view.

Become an authentic Charro Mexicano

Charrería is proudly Mexico’s national sport.
In this experience you will learn about this tradition from the hand of a true
Charro. You will learn the history and elements that surround this cultural
manifestation which is recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Tequila: Gourmet Tasting

This is the new way to visit Tequila, live the experience and become an expert taster of the drink.

Tlaquepaque, magical town

Visit the typical town of Tlaquepaque, discover its stories and traditions by the hand of an expert guide, sightseeing in this charming town.

Let’s go to the Wrestlings!

We’ll start by visiting a traditional cantina where we’ll have a beer to prepare
ourselves for the show, just as locals do. Then, we will walk to the wrestling
arena while you discover the stories and legends that were built this quarter.

Once we get to the wrestling, prepare your stomach to laugh as never before at
one of the world’s most unique entertainment experiences.

After the show, the party continues in another pub!