Traditional Cantinas and lots of fun!

We will visit 3 traditional cantinas in one of the most historical quarters in Guadalajara.

During this tour, we will relate to you the history and legends of the city, while you taste 3 spiritual drinks and learn about the making process!

Prepare yourself to have tons of fun !

Explore the city in Electric Calandria

You have little time?

Make a general visit to the city in a traditional electric calandria, where you will discover the main and most beautiful sites in the center of Guadalajara!

Guadalajara Walking Tour

Walk Guadalajara by the hand of an expert!

Discover the most emblematic sites and those that not even the locals know about it in the historic center of the city.

We visit 15 historical points and ended the visit in one of the largest markets in America.

Season: All the year

Tour exclusive