Tlaquepaque, magical town

Visit the typical town of Tlaquepaque, discover its stories and traditions by the hand of an expert guide, sightseeing in this charming town.

Let’s go to the Wrestlings!

We’ll start by visiting a traditional cantina where we’ll have a beer to prepare
ourselves for the show, just as locals do. Then, we will walk to the wrestling
arena while you discover the stories and legends that were built this quarter.

Once we get to the wrestling, prepare your stomach to laugh as never before at
one of the world’s most unique entertainment experiences.


Mexican Pubs and a lot of fun!

We will visit 3 traditional cantinas in one of the most historic quarters in Guadalajara.
On this tour we want you to live the experience of celebrating like a real Mexican by tasting
the best spirits and cocktails of the state of Jalisco discovering the history and legends of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.

Prepare yourself to have tons of fun!